We are starting the New Year with a new and improved Food Pantry! Our new look is designed to make shopping easier and more pleasant as well as more capacity for popular items desired by our shoppers.  

With our new look comes some new guidelines that are explained below. In the spirit of the new year, we hope you will help us make our food pantry work better in 2022 by calling us and checking our wish list before donating.

​​​​​Food Pantry Wish List(as of July 2022)
Items in BOLD are badly needed. Thank you.

Paper towels, napkins, facial tissue and toilet paper
Lo Mein noodles (Chinese) and Chow Mein noodles (crispy noodles) and other ingredients used in Asian cuisine
Laundry detergent (Tide free & clear, regular Tide, any other brand-medium sizes)
Fish in individual sealed packets

Small, canned ham
Butter (salted & unsalted)

Cheese (sliced in small packages)
Red or Yukon potatoes & onions (fresh only)—No Idaho potatoes
Large tins of ground black pepper
Salt (large container) or sea salt
Spices—garlic, onion powder, cumin, chili powder, dill, coriander, curry
Soy sauce, regular and low sodium, Tamari sauce
Powdered milk (packets)
Juice—tomato, V8 and apple
Cooking oil, Canola, Olive or Coconut (no blends)
Frozen vegetables (peas, mixed, corn, green beans-no sauce)
Instant coffee (small/medium jars)
Flour & granulated white sugar
Dried beans (NO CANS), lentils, white, black & split peas
Dish soap (Dawn preferred)
Body Wash/Body lotion

​Cleaning products—cleanser, Lysol, toilet bowl cleaner, sponges, glass cleaner, etc.

Storage bags (quart & large size), plastic leftover containers, garbage bags (small boxes)



Monetary donations can be made payable to:  

Barrington Township Food Pantry

* We cannot accept homemade goods

Hours for pick up and donation:  Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (closed 12 - 1 p.m.)

Barrington Township guidelines for people in need of food:

  • Please call for an appointment, 847-381-5632, during our open hours (7:15-4:00).
  • If you are new to the Food Pantry, you will need to register and provide your full name, address, phone number, age and number of people living in your household and dietary restrictions, if any.
  • Please note that suggestions for needed items are accepted but may not be available on the day of your appointment.
  • Until further notice, all shoppers and others must wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth with a snug fit.

Barrington Township guidelines for donation drop off during the designated times:

  • Please call in advance of your donation drop off, 847-381-5632, to make an appointment. We have a small space and there may be shoppers in the Food Pantry. Please DO NOT drop off donations without notice as they may not be collected in a timely manner to assure freshness. We will not accept donations left at the door when we are closed or on weekends.
  • We ask that your donations be commercially prepared (no homemade items) and not past the expiration date.  We are no longer accepting items from “clean outs” or “move outs” from your residence. Please donate only items that have been newly purchased. This will ensure that your donations are fresh and needed by our shoppers.
  • Non-food items are always welcome and suggestions are listed below:
    • Gift cards from grocery stores, big box stores, gas stations and restaurants are a great way to help needy residents and local businesses alike!
    • Monetary gifts and gift cards may be mailed to the Barrington Township Food Pantry, 602 S. Hough St., Barrington, IL 60010. To drop off in person please call 847-381-5632 to arrange for an appointment during the Food Pantry hours listed above.


(847) 381-5632

Township Office