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Recent swearing in ceremony with

the Honorable Judge Curry at the Barrington Township office.

Edgar Alvarado

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Daniel P. Fitzgerald

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Jacqueline Stephens

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D. Robert Alberding

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The Township Supervisor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Township.  Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Supervisor include serving as chairman of the Township Board of Trustees and serving as treasurer of all town funds.


Helen Edwards

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Fritz Gohl

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Linda Post

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Along with the Supervisor, the Trustees make up the Township Board of Directors.  The Board, as the legislative branch of the township, establishes policy for the township to follow.  The policies established are ultimately carried out by the Supervisor and Clerk in their administrative capacity. 

Certification of tax levies and adopting the annual budget are some of the duties of the Trustees.  The Trustees also approve all township expenses.

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